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Photo presented by Bernie Stearns with an ok from Betsy Raynor
(Written on the back of the frame):
Circa 1920
Cottage on the left is the one that was split into the yellow and gray cottages.
The center cottage belonged to the Curtiss family.
The right cottage was the Gaylord's
(Written on the back of the photo):
Circa 1919

Here is a little bit of a snippet that I have started on some of the History that I was given about Sprongs Bluff:

On May 1, 1869 Charles R. Sprong purchased 2 (two) tracts or parcels of land from William D. and Caroline M. Cook for $18,000.00. There was a total of two hundred acres of land per parcel. On this land he had the rights to the water of Sill Creek. There was also a Family Cemetery Plot, which was reserved for the old owners who had the right to visit there any time they chose.

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I was given the History of house #7235 from Mark Strodel in a very nice writeup by Fred. Click here to view a pdf.

The following News Paper publishing's where uncovered:

THE RECORD, SODUS, N. Y. FRIDAY; July 22.1898.

C. D. Gaylord and family are now
located at Sprong's Bluff for their
annual outing.

Twenty of the young people of the
village held a picnic at Sprong's
Bluff Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Rogers have
been spending the week with Mr. and
Mrs. S. H. Fish at their cottage at
Sprong's Bluff.


Found in a Booklet: SODUS --- 1901.
An Atlas and Directory of
the Town of Sodus and
Sodus Bay.

pg. 5
Sprongs Bluff
Look at how the coastline was then.

pg. 25
Sodus Cornet Band (1875) --Leader, G. A. Mhers; Secretary, William E. Forster. Thursday evening
(that is why the Sodus Cornet Band was chosen for the Band in the 4th of July Parade)

pg. 28
Listing of Cottages
Sprongs Bluff
Fish and Hulett, Sodus
C. D. Gaylord, Sodus
C. L. Gaylord, Sodus
S. S. Granger, Sodus
Claudius M. Tuttle, Sodus
 - Thank you Betsy Raynor


Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Rogers and Mr.
and Mrs. M. M. Kelly of this village
and Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Kelly of Ontario
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.
H. Fish at their Sprong's Bluff cottage

D. G. Rogers entertained the cottagers
at Sprong's Bluff Sunday with
H.O Rogers' gramophone

. S. S. Granger took a jolly party
from Sprong's Bluff to Sodus Bay
Sunday in his launch "Bessie".

Irwin Green, Carl Gurnee, Fred
Fomanns, Frank Case. R. C. Hill and
Mr. Ward passed the fore part of the
week at Sprong's Bluff.



The season at Sprong's Bluff will
soon be brought to a close. At no
time during its history has it been
so popular as this year.


Rochester, Monroe, NY
Democrat & Chronicle
July 4, 1906


Mr. and Mrs. Sprague S. GRANGER are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. John ALDEN at their Sprong's Bluff cottage on the lake.

Raymond BUTTS and family, of Sodus, and Mrs. C. M. TUTTLE, of Troy, are sojourning a few weeks in the TUTTLE cottage, at Sprong's Bluff on the lake.


THE CLYDE HERALD, Wednesday, July 11. 1923

Pursuant to Section 130 and 168 of the Tax Law and Chapter 30 of the law of 191ft of the State of New York, notice is hereby given that the following described parcels of land, sold for taxes on October 28, 1922, have not been redeemed; that the period for the redemption thereof will expire on the 28th day of October 1923; that the amount required to redeem same is set opposite each of said parcels of land; and that unless said lands are redeemed prior to said 28th day of October, 1923, they will be conveyed to the-purchasers thereof:

Cottage, Sprong's Bluff, bounded and described as follows: On the North by Lake Ontario, on the East, South and West by lands of Clifford
Sprong.........................Amount $9.46

LAKE SHORE NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 21, y (year not readable)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Carpenter of Cooperstown and Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Milmoe of
Canastota were . weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Howard at their cottage on Sprong's Bluff. Carpenter is publisher of the Cooperstown Freeman's Journal; and Milmoe is assemblyman from Madison County and publisher of the Canastota Bee-Journal.

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