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Beechwood State Park Assessment and Recommendations
This report discusses the current conditions at Beechwood State Park and offers recommendations on how to turn the park into a community focal point. The Park's history as a Girl Scout camp has created strong connection with the local community and there is much interest in maintaining and enhancing this cultural connection. The recommendations focus on connecting people, especially youths, with the cultural history of the area and to the natural environment in which Beechwood exists.

Sprongs Bluff By-Laws:

Here are the Bylaws Revised on 08/02/2018, just click here for a pdf download.

Dues Notice 2018 - 2019 stays the same from 2017 - 2018:

Here is the Dues Notice for the fiscal year 2018 - 2019 click here for a pdf download.

Sprongs Bluff Dumpster and Recycling August 12, 2018

Click here for a pdf download.

Annual Meeting Minutes:

Here are the Annual Meeting minutes for the fiscal year Click here to view
All the rest of the Annual Meeting minutes have now been moved to the Archives Page.
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